Investment market update: September 2023

Discover what affected investment markets, from ongoing high inflation to weakening consumer demand, in September 2023.

Economies around the world continue to struggle with high inflation and weakening demand affecting GDP. Read on to discover some of the factors that may have affected your investment portfolio in September 2023.  When reviewing short-term market movements, remember to focus on your long-term investment goals. UK Official data shows the UK economy contracted by […]

3 essential factors to consider if you plan to gift wealth to avoid Inheritance Tax

Someone handing a person a wrapped gift.

Figures suggest more families are gifting to avoid Inheritance Tax (IHT). While passing on assets to loved ones may seem like a clear solution, it isn’t always so simple.  More estates are becoming liable for IHT as thresholds for paying the tax are frozen. The Office for Budget Responsibility predicts HMRC will collect £8.4 billion […]

Here’s why pension reforms mean you might want to reconsider your retirement plan

Doctors walking down a hospital corridor.

Government changes to when pensions are taxed may mean you could save far more tax-efficiently for your retirement. If a potential tax bill influenced your current retirement date, it might be worth reviewing your plan. Previously, the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) affected the total pension benefits you could build up before facing a possible tax charge.  […]

Financial security is the most important retirement goal for 9 in 10 Brits

Group of friends talking over a cup of tea.

When you think about the most popular retirement dreams, an adventurous cruise or having time to put your feet up might come to mind. Yet, a survey found the most common goal for retirement is to achieve financial security.  According to Legal & General, a huge 94% of Brits say their most important retirement dream […]