Protection and Disaster Planning

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Preparing for the worst

At Masterplan, we believe that protecting yourself and your family against the worst-case scenario should be the cornerstone of your personal finances. We know it’s not easy to think about what would happen to you or your family in the event of serious illness or a family member passing away. But by planning ahead, the financial impact of such an event can be considered and catered for to give you the peace of mind that the financial security of your loved ones is protected.

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The right protection measures

Often, we think about providing for our loved ones in the event of our death and it is important to ensure you have measures in place for this if they are dependant on you financially. However, we often neglect to protect ourselves in the event of being unable to work due to illness or incapacity. In their working lives, an adult in the UK is five times more likely to suffer a serious illness that leaves them unable to work for an extended period than they are to pass away. Loosing your ability to generate an income can have serious effects on your financial wellbeing both now and in the future.

Our Protection Advisors can help you get the right protection measures in place.