Does “lifestyling” pensions still make sense for modern workers?

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“Lifestyling” is a common way to protect your pension wealth as you near retirement. Yet, as retirement becomes far more flexible, is it something that’s still appropriate for modern workers? Read on to find out what it means and if it’s something you should consider.  Lifestyling aims to protect the pension savings you’ve built up […]

Only 44% of adults are confident choosing and managing their personal pensions

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Your pension plays an important role in your retirement. So, it’s natural to worry about if you’re making the right decisions. If you do, research suggests you’re not alone. Just 44% of UK adults are confident choosing and managing their personal pension, according to a report from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Having confidence […]

Typical worker approaching retirement is 58% short of their pension goal. Are you saving enough?

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Figures suggest that workers nearing retirement could find they’re facing a significant income shortfall later in life. Understanding how your pension savings will add up before you retire is crucial for creating long-term financial wellbeing. According to a report from the Social Market Foundation, people approaching retirement are facing a pension shortfall of almost £250,000 […]