Investment market update: April 2023

The outside of the Bank of England, London.

High inflation continues to affect economies around the world. However, there are positive signs of recovery, and some surveys indicate that people are starting to feel more confident about the future.  While many things can affect short-term market movements, remember you should invest with a long-term goal in mind. If you have any questions about […]

Statutory Sick Pay provides workers with “very little insurance”, says think tank

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The level of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) increased in April 2023. Yet, ill workers are still likely to face financial hardships as it provides “very little insurance”, according to a Resolution Foundation report. The findings highlight how important having a financial safety net is.  As of May 2023, eligible employees will receive £109.40 a week […]

Corporation Tax hike: Here are the essentials business owners need to know

A businesswoman working on a computer.

The rate of Corporation Tax your business pays may have changed for the 2023/24 tax year. It could affect your profit margins and long-term plans, so it’s crucial you understand what the new rates could mean for your business. After a series of announcements and U-turns in 2022, you may not be fully aware of […]

7 simple steps you can take right now to improve your financial engagement

A man looking through some paperwork.

How engaged with your finances are you? A survey suggests that millions of Brits aren’t actively managing their finances and it could mean they’re missing out on opportunities or overlooking risks.  According to a Legal & General survey, almost half of adults are “financially disengaged” – that’s the equivalent of 24.5 million people. If you’re […]

Estate planning: 3 crucial steps that could protect your later years

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Estate planning is an important part of your financial plan. Not only does it ensure your assets are passed on to who you wish and considers areas like Inheritance Tax (IHT), but it could provide you with peace of mind about your future too. Over the last few months, you’ve read about why estate planning […]

Investment market update: March 2023

a phone showing an image of the Silicon Valley Bank logo

As inflation persists, central banks were forced to announce further rises to interest rates in March. Coupled with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, it has been an uncertain few weeks in the world economy. As an investor, remember that volatility in the markets is normal. Take a long-term view of your portfolio’s performance and […]

51% of adults don’t have a will. Here’s why it should be a priority task

Family with several generations

The benefits of having a will in place are well-documented, although if you don’t have a will, or haven’t updated it in some time, you’re not alone. A recent survey from MoneyAge has found that 51% of adults in the UK currently don’t have a will in place. Of those with a will, 43% haven’t […]