Investment market update: May 2024

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On the back of data showing some countries have exited recessions at the end of the first quarter of 2024 and inflation falling, several market indexes reached record highs in May. Read on to find out what else may have affected the markets and your investment portfolio. UK Dominating headlines towards the end of May […]

3 practical ways you could reduce your tax bill in retirement

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The number of retirees who could face an Income Tax bill is expected to rise. If your total income could exceed tax thresholds, there might be some steps you can take to reduce your tax bill. The Personal Allowance is the amount of income you can receive before you usually need to pay Income Tax […]

What 70 years of BBC news bulletins could teach you about investment markets

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70 years ago, the BBC broadcast its first daily television news programme. Since then, round-the-clock news has become available, and you can get the latest headlines with a few taps on your smartphone. While being connected can be positive, for investors, it can make periods of volatility and choosing an investment even more difficult. Read […]

How a financial plan could alleviate your inflation worries

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The uncertainty of how the cost of living will change during your lifetime can make long-term planning difficult. After all, how can you be certain how your expenses will change in 20 years or more? If you’re worried about the effect of inflation on your security, a financial plan could provide peace of mind. Research […]

5 effective tips that could help you cut impulsive financial decisions

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Impulsive decision-making can be useful in some circumstances. Yet, when it comes to finances, it could lead to choices that aren’t right for you and even harm your long-term financial security. Read on to find out how you could cut the effect of impulsive financial decisions. When you think of impulsive financial decisions, your mind […]

Investment market update: April 2024

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Interest rates and inflation continued to affect markets around the world in April 2024. Read on to find out what else may have affected investment markets and your portfolio in April. Expectations of interest rate cuts were good news for gold. Investors who feared falling interest rates would lead to lower returns on cash and […]

How to calculate what’s “enough” when selling your business

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If you’re a business owner, selling your business might be a key part of your long-term finances. You may plan to use the sale proceeds to retire, provide greater financial freedom, or fund your next project. So, understanding how much is “enough” could be vital. Even if you’re not planning to exit your business any […]

How to beat the potential harmful effects of “loss aversion” on your wealth

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“Loss aversion” is a type of bias that could affect how you manage your finances. It’s a concept that was developed by renowned psychologist Daniel Kahneman, who won a Nobel Prize for his influential work and sadly passed away in March 2024. To celebrate his life, read on to find out more about loss aversion […]