Why inaction is a crucial part of successful investing

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When you think about investing, it’s probably the actions you take that come to mind. That could be researching a fund or actively investing in a company by purchasing shares. However, the steps you don’t take are just as important for your portfolio to be successful. That may sound strange, but not acting on impulses […]

Investing 101: Why investing could boost your long-term wealth

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Investing is often a crucial part of creating a long-term financial plan. Over the next few months, you can read about the investment essentials you need to know if it’s something you want to start doing or simply learn more about.  Read on to find out what investing means, and why it’s something you should […]

Revealed: A long-term investment strategy could be key to beating inflation

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Over the last year, you may have been affected by soaring inflation, rising interest rates, and volatile market conditions. The good news is that research shows a long-term investment strategy could help you grow your wealth despite a challenging environment.  Inflation has been high over the last 12 months, and it could have eroded the […]

Behavioural finance: The effect of psychology on investors

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You should base financial decisions on logic and facts. But psychology can have a much larger effect than you think, and it can lead to you making decisions that aren’t right for you. Read on to find out more about what behavioural finance is and how it could affect you. “Behavioural finance” was first coined […]

Investment market update: July 2022

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The ongoing uncertainty surrounding inflation, the war in Ukraine, interest rates and the potential for recession has created a lot of uncertainty so far this year. This uncertainty has caused real volatility in global stock markets. Indeed, the first of 2022 was one of the worst first half years for global markets in more than […]