5 compelling non-financial reasons to work with a financial planner now

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When you first seek financial advice, your goal may be to grow your wealth or make the most of tax-efficient allowances. A financial planner can provide support in these areas, but the benefits could have a much larger effect on your life and wellbeing. A survey conducted by Hymans Robertson asked people with more than […]

7 simple steps you can take right now to improve your financial engagement

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How engaged with your finances are you? A survey suggests that millions of Brits aren’t actively managing their finances and it could mean they’re missing out on opportunities or overlooking risks.  According to a Legal & General survey, almost half of adults are “financially disengaged” – that’s the equivalent of 24.5 million people. If you’re […]

7 valuable steps parents can take to improve the financial security of children

A mother and daughter holding hands as they walk to school.

When you’re thinking about your financial plan, what are your priorities? Often, passing on wealth and helping children or grandchildren realise their own goals is important.  Despite a period of economic uncertainty, a survey from Scottish Widows found that 77% of UK households are still planning for the financial wellbeing of other generations. This could […]

5 unexpected lessons you can learn about finances from Roald Dahl

Five children sitting in a line reading books.

Roald Dahl’s books are known for colourful characters, fantastic adventures, and simply being fun. As a child, they’re the perfect books for capturing your imagination. As an adult, you can even find some unexpected money lessons nestled among the talking creatures and magic. Here are five financial lessons you can learn from the stories of […]

How self-employed workers can create financial security amid economic uncertainty

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As a self-employed worker, it can be more difficult to manage your finances. Your income may vary or not be as reliable as those who are employed. According to a study from Scottish Widows, almost half of self-employed workers said their income fluctuates. The research suggests that self-employed people could be more susceptible to income […]

Business owners, is poor financial wellbeing among your employees affecting operations?

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Research suggests that many employees feel like they’re not receiving enough support to improve their financial wellbeing. It could affect business operations, and cost you money too. Financial wellbeing isn’t just about income. It covers things like financial literacy, confidence, and having a good relationship with money. As an employer, you can do several things […]

5 compelling reasons why you should share a financial planner with your family

A father talking to his adult son.

Money and financial decisions are often seen as a personal matter. However, making your family part of the financial planning process and discussing your goals with them can be valuable. A report from M&G Wealth found that 33% of advised families share the same adviser, with around 57% of those sharing the same adviser as […]