7 valuable steps parents can take to improve the financial security of children

A mother and daughter holding hands as they walk to school.

When you’re thinking about your financial plan, what are your priorities? Often, passing on wealth and helping children or grandchildren realise their own goals is important.  Despite a period of economic uncertainty, a survey from Scottish Widows found that 77% of UK households are still planning for the financial wellbeing of other generations. This could […]

6 essential steps to take if you’re retiring in 2023

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If you’re retiring in 2023, congratulations! It’s an exciting milestone that you’re no doubt looking forward to. Here are six practical steps to take now to make sure you can retire with confidence and be financially secure.  1. Set a retirement date One of the important first steps is deciding exactly when you want to […]

Investment market update: October 2022

Financial stock market graph on an abstract background.

Much of 2022 has been marked by investment volatility and economic uncertainty, and October was no different. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), there is a rising risk of a global recession. The organisation downgraded its global growth forecast for 2023 to 2.7%. It said financial instability was linked to shocks caused by the […]

5 exciting businesses that could change the world for the better

A beach with plastic waste.

When you read the news headlines, it can seem like it’s all doom and gloom. But some businesses are leading the way and could change the world for the better. From well-known brands changing how sectors operate to innovative start-ups, here are just five businesses that are tackling issues like climate change and environmental degradation.  […]

How to deal with political uncertainty when making financial decisions

The door to number 10 Downing Street.

British politics over the last few months has certainly been turbulent. In the last four months, there have been three prime ministers, four chancellors, and countless U-turns. So, it’s not surprising that households have been struggling to keep up with what’s happening and what it means for their finances.  Less than three years after a […]

Only 44% of adults are confident choosing and managing their personal pensions

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Your pension plays an important role in your retirement. So, it’s natural to worry about if you’re making the right decisions. If you do, research suggests you’re not alone. Just 44% of UK adults are confident choosing and managing their personal pension, according to a report from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Having confidence […]