Investment market update: October 2023

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As inflation remains stubborn, and interest rates may have to remain higher for longer, recessionary concerns have grown around the world. Read on to discover some of the factors that may have affected your investment portfolio in October 2023.  When reviewing short-term market movements, remember to focus on your long-term investment goals. UK After a […]

How much life insurance will provide your family with security?

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Life insurance could ensure your family’s security if you pass away. It may be an important part of your financial plan and could provide peace of mind. Understanding the potential payout your family would need could help you choose an appropriate level of cover.  If you take out a life insurance policy and pass away […]

Don’t overlook trusts, they could be a useful way to pass on wealth

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Trusts may be a useful way to pass on wealth, but research suggests it’s an option some people are dismissing.  You can place a variety of assets in a trust, from investment to property, for the benefit of another person, known as the “beneficiary”. The trust is then managed by one or more trustees according […]

4 annuity myths that could mean you’re missing out on security in retirement

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Annuities could provide you with income security in retirement. Despite this being a common goal among many thinking about their future, misconceptions may mean retirees are overlooking annuities.  According to a Standard Life study, almost half of over-50s who are aware of annuities say they don’t know how they work. Read on to discover why […]

5 practical steps you could take this year if you want to retire in 2024

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Every year thousands of people retire. It’s a milestone that you might be looking forward to in 2024 with excitement. It’s also a life event that you may feel nervous about. Spending some time preparing for the next chapter of your life could mean you feel more confident about stepping away from work. If you’re […]

2 key reasons why you may want to update your plan during a financial review

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Regular financial reviews may help keep you on track to meet your goals and give you confidence in the steps you’re taking. As well as reviewing your assets, you might also want to make changes to your plan. Last month, you read about why you shouldn’t skip your financial reviews and how they could help […]