Investment market update: June 2023

Inflation continues to be a challenge for economies around the world, but figures released in June suggest the pressure is starting to ease. Read on to discover some of the factors that influenced investment markets during June.  Remember, you should take a long-term view when investing, as markets can experience short-term volatility. If you have […]

Business owners: Is your firm protected against the loss of a key person?

Two workers in a factory.

As a business owner, have you considered how your firm would cope if it lost a key member of the team unexpectedly? Key person cover could provide a vital cash injection when you need it most, but it’s something many businesses are overlooking.  Losing a key person may have a devastating effect on businesses. According […]

5 excellent reasons families use trusts

A multi-generation family walking together on a beach.

Trusts can be an incredibly useful way to pass on wealth and preserve assets. Yet, there’s a common myth that they’re only valuable for very wealthy families. Read on to discover why a trust may make sense for you. A trust is a legal arrangement that you could use to pass on assets. The trust […]

7 common but potentially harmful Inheritance Tax myths debunked

A family in a field with a kite.

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is often controversial – you may have heard of it referred to as “the most hated tax in Britain”. Yet, despite the coverage it receives, it’s often misunderstood. Common myths about IHT could mean you’re needlessly worrying about a potential bill or failing to take steps that could allow you to pass […]

Retirees, don’t overlook the surprising risk of underspending in retirement

A couple looking at a map while on holiday.

Spending too much money in retirement is a common fear. Yet, some retirees struggle with the opposite challenge – they spend too little. Read on to find out why and what you can do if you’re too frugal in retirement. Underspending once you give up work may be more common than you think. It’s easy […]

Investing 101: 5 essential questions you need to answer to balance risk 

A climber at the top of a snowy peak.

When you’re making investment decisions, balancing risk is an essential part of the process. Creating a risk profile can help you understand which investments are appropriate for you.  Last month, you read about the benefits of investing and how it could boost your wealth over the long term. While investing can be a valuable way […]