Investment market update: November 2022

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Globally, inflation and recession risks continued to affect markets in November. Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva suggested that inflation could be nearing its peak. However, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) urged central banks around the world to keep raising interest rates to tackle moderate levels of inflation. So, […]

House prices are falling. What does it mean for homeowners?

A close-up of a “For sale” sign outside of a home.

Over the last few months, house prices have started to fall. After years of prices steadily rising, you may wonder what it could mean for you as a homeowner. Read on to find out what’s driving the property market and whether it could affect you.  The average house price fell by 0.4% in October 2022 […]

Less than a third of families have an emergency fund that provides financial security

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Two-thirds of families could find themselves in financial difficulty if they face a shock because they don’t have enough saved in an emergency fund, research suggests. Do you have enough saved to cover potential emergencies?  An emergency fund is an important part of creating financial resilience. It means you could maintain financial commitments and your […]

7 valuable steps parents can take to improve the financial security of children

A mother and daughter holding hands as they walk to school.

When you’re thinking about your financial plan, what are your priorities? Often, passing on wealth and helping children or grandchildren realise their own goals is important.  Despite a period of economic uncertainty, a survey from Scottish Widows found that 77% of UK households are still planning for the financial wellbeing of other generations. This could […]

6 essential steps to take if you’re retiring in 2023

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If you’re retiring in 2023, congratulations! It’s an exciting milestone that you’re no doubt looking forward to. Here are six practical steps to take now to make sure you can retire with confidence and be financially secure.  1. Set a retirement date One of the important first steps is deciding exactly when you want to […]