The parents’ guide to paying for university and student loans

If your child will be going to university this year or is planning to further their education in the future, you undoubtedly feel proud. However, you may also worry about what it means for your child financially. As a parent, it is important to understand what expenses students face, how they will repay student loans […]

Why taking too little investment risk could harm your goals

Someone looking at investment performance on their phone.

When you imagine the worries that might come with taking investment risk, it’s probably “taking too much” that comes to mind. After all, you’ve likely heard stories of people that have invested in high-risk opportunities and lost some or all their money.  However, when you’re investing for the long term, taking too little risk can […]

Do you think financial protection claims aren’t upheld? 98% were paid in 2021

A lit lightbulb with a man using a calculator in the background

If you think that insurers don’t pay out when people make claims, you’re far from alone.  According to Scottish Widows, just 7% of people think that life cover claims pay out between 91% and 100% of the time.  For critical illness claims, this figure falls dramatically to just 2%. Together, these figures show the lack […]

Market volatility can be attention-grabbing, but you should focus on these 3 areas instead

A man looking at graphs and data on a computer screen.

The last couple of years have been challenging for investors. Factors outside of your control are likely to have led to your portfolio experiencing volatility. However, while market performance often grabs news headlines and your attention, the short-term movements of your portfolio shouldn’t be your main focus. Market volatility characterised the first half of 2022 […]

Why saving your pension could reduce a potential Inheritance Tax bill

A grandfather and grandchild walking through a park.

When you start thinking about how you’ll create an income in retirement, it’s probably your pension that comes to mind. Yet, if your estate could be liable for Inheritance Tax (IHT), it could make sense to use other assets first.  IHT is paid after you pass away if the value of all your assets exceeds […]

7 compelling reasons you should seek financial advice at retirement

An older couple sitting on a wall at a beach.

Some of the decisions you make as you retire could affect your income and lifestyle for the rest of your life. Yet, data suggests that many retirees aren’t taking financial advice and it could mean they face hardship in the future.  According to the Great British Retirement Survey, only 27% of retirees in 2021 sought […]