Investment market update: June 2022

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Rising inflation and concerns about recession risks continue to place pressure on households and affect economies around the world. The World Bank has slashed its 2022 global growth forecasts from 4.1% to 2.9%. The organisation also warned the global economy is at risk of experiencing stagflation, where economic growth is stagnant, but inflation is high. […]

Business owners, is poor financial wellbeing among your employees affecting operations?

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Research suggests that many employees feel like they’re not receiving enough support to improve their financial wellbeing. It could affect business operations, and cost you money too. Financial wellbeing isn’t just about income. It covers things like financial literacy, confidence, and having a good relationship with money. As an employer, you can do several things […]

5 compelling reasons why you should share a financial planner with your family

A father talking to his adult son.

Money and financial decisions are often seen as a personal matter. However, making your family part of the financial planning process and discussing your goals with them can be valuable. A report from M&G Wealth found that 33% of advised families share the same adviser, with around 57% of those sharing the same adviser as […]